• by C.EM
  • octobre 22nd, 2014

« Perfect Privacy »

Théâtre du Châtelet – lundi 20 octobre 2014, 20h

Keiichiro Shibuya, Perfect Privacy, Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris

The concert opens in the dark, he plays the piano. On stage there is a grand piano, computer, speakers and keyboards.
The projection of the piano keys behind him, black and white, shadow and light, are like a path leading to…an experience.
He is the only one I know to do something like that, placing multiple cameras around him. You can see his hands on the piano, his face reading the score, his back, and the piano…
It brings a strange feeling.
The sound of the piano, the movement of sound echoing his hands movement and eyes movement.

I remember that in 2011 he did “Massive Life Flow”, an installation where he was filmed during 9 days, doing his work of music production (the “Open Studio of Music”).

I recognize and know most of the tracks that he plays tonight. Some tracks comes from the concert-projection live, to support the photographic images of Hiroshi Sugimoto at the Palais de Tokyo last April, and some tracks comes from his first opera « The End ».
His music whether it is piano solo or piano and computer is spatial. I see the projection of the piano from above like a spaceship again and again.

What is the direction? It is real and unreal, past, present and future.
Where does he want to go? Where does he want to take us?
It is a meeting, an history and a breakup. I am afraid it brings more questions than answers.

The text runs horizontal:
“J’ai l’impression qu’on m’observe.”
“Mais peut-être que je m’imagine des choses.”

The text runs up:
“La mort…”
“L’idée de mourir m’était totalement étrangère.”

The text runs down:
“Tu as dit quelque chose là?”
“Qu’as-tu dis?”


The end of the piano track is like a whisper, a breathing…