• par C.EM
  • juin 19, 2014

Ben Frost was in Paris for the release of his new album « AURORA », on May 26th 2014, on MUTE.
The support : DSCRD

Paris, La Machine du Moulin Rouge – Friday, June 13th 2014, 20h.

Ben Frost, "Aurora", La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris

Ben Frost arrives barefoot on stage followed by his drummer Greg Fox. The gig begins with variations of sounds and lights like a sandstorm in the desert. I distinguish neither the artist nor the drummer, the yellow light sweeps it all, and the sound is resolutely electro.
And I find myself in a wandering where the Earth’s strength makes attraction and rejection. Ben Frost with his electric guitar and laptop in all his strength and his power is in perfect sync with Greg Fox, his drummer.

A cold white light like saws crossing the stage from side to side, Ben Frost entered into guerrilla, it slams and it is tribal. A high tension is palpable in this unstable sound Landscape, which inspires contradictory thrills.
Saturation of white light and sound explosion, he is in his trance, in a fight, a confrontation. There is an emergency, it is here and now, and he is connected to the sources of the Earth’s vital energy; it is very real and concrete.
This avalanche of sounds, noises, music, strike you, shake you up, and will certainly doesn’t leave you unmoved.

He repeats tirelessly that there is too much music, and that music producers should release a record, only if they have something interesting to tell.
I think this idea can apply to all forms of art today.
Tonight, Ben Frost launched a war cry and led his gig at a breakneck speed.
« AURORA » a masterful gig.

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